Giving New Life to
Traditional Aesthetics

 Japan’s traditional crafts boast exquisite quality even by global standards.
 JIZAING✕INDEN adds a sense of modernity to the deep traditional value of one such craft and proposes products that match modern lifestyles.
 Inden has long been appreciated for its decorative, beautiful use of lacquer, and its unique technique which was established in 1582 by Inden-Ya, the manufacturer of all products. Its salient features, such as its unique texture, colors, patterns and functional beauty, widely reflect Japanese aesthetics and concept of creation.
 JIZAING✕INDEN keeps to simple, timeless designs to preserve this original value of Inden, and at the same time aspires to create products that bring out the personality of each user. In other words, JIZAING✕INDEN products give new life to traditional aesthetics. We invite you to add a sense of Japanese culture to enrich your personal lifestyle.

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